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Conference – Enterprise Excellence 2023

May 31, 2023

About the Conference

In its 7th year of providing the Irish business community with the opportunity to share, learn, and continuously improve, the Lean Business Ireland conference 2023 will return in person at the SETU Arena in Waterford.

The Lean Business Ireland Conference will once again bring together organisations from all over the world to explore the ideas and implementation of Lean Management in industries such as manufacturing, services, and construction.

This International event is primarily intended to foster engagement and networking within the Irish and International Lean Management communities.  In addition, it will encourage open discussion among businesses at various stages of their Lean journey, while showcasing Ireland’s excellence on the international stage.

The Dublin Lean Network will be there to talk to you about Lean in Dublin and Ireland.

– Share your own Lean journey.

– Connect with Lean professionals and practitioners specialising in Continuous Improvement.

–  Establish new connections within the Lean Community in Dublin and Ireland.

– Learn how companies have successfully implemented Continuous Improvement programmes.

Register for this event https://eeireland.com/lbi-registration/