Allianz Partners Go To Market teams provide various services around delivering go to market plans and product launches. These activities include running events, managing communication, completing research as well as managing day to day digital marketing campaigns.

“I am delighted with how you have pulled all this together and got the team set-up. I love my Jira boards”

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  • Although the individuals delivering the work understood what they were working on (and were very good at their respective jobs) there was limited / no visibility to what was being worked on.
  • Because of Covid-19, onsite access was not possible and all analysis, training and coaching had to be completed remotely.
  • The 6 teams had individual workflows and differing interdependencies. Mapping different workflows into shared systems needed much analysis
  • Worked with GTM Manager to map out processes based on Pareto rules (correct for 80% of their work)
  • Used these process maps to create demo Kanban systems which were then approved.
  • Worked with each manager to create a board for their individual team.
  • Rolled out to the team on a team-by-team basis.
  • Ran regular check-ins with teams and had weekly governance calls with managers.
  • Established an Epics board to give a complete overview to the management and allow the GTM Manager to have a simple overview of what the entire department is doing on a day to day basis.
  • Introduced an Orphans board to identify work that was coming in via individuals that may not be aligned to strategic goals
  • Introduced training around key metrics: counting the number of tickets being worked on by each person (limiting the work in progress) as well as looking at the overall throughput and cycle times.
  • Collaborated with Allianz internal trainers so that the project can have longevity and the teams will have support after the initial consultancy ends.
  • Almost all work now visualised (work taking less than 15 minutes not recorded by agreement)
  • Work flowing effectively across boards (all six teams). Over 2000 tickets created in 3 months and approximately half moved to Done already.
  • Impressive ownership of ways of working and handoffs between teams and people
  • All teams trained
  • Less duplication of work