What we do

Ergo’s business focuses on “Creating innovative IT solutions that enable clients businesses to be more agile and competitive”. Ergo’s core business offerings include: IT Managed Services, IT Resourcing, Consultancy Services, Print and Document Solutions, Cloud Computing, Digital Enablement, Mobility and Collaboration, Software Licensing.

Who the company are

Headquartered in Eastpoint Business Park in Dublin, Ergo is one of the most successful IT services companies in Ireland. Our ability to tailor solutions to each client’s unique requirements has been our calling card for over 28 years. What’s changed is the scope and diversity of what we do. Through business-first engagements, we are increasingly focused on leveraging leading-edge technologies that help clients on their digital transformation journeys.

We started out in 1993 with eight people supplying print components. Today, we work with the some of the largest companies in Ireland, delivering enterprise-wide solutions that drive productivity and profitability. Over the years we have mirrored the seismic shifts in the way IT solutions are delivered and consumed, constantly upskilling our experts and reinventing our role in the IT value chain to give our clients the support and expertise they need to stay competitive and succeed.

The milestones in our development not only reflect the way our company has evolved, but also the way the entire IT landscape has been transformed. We’ve made it our business to embrace change and lead from the front.

Ergo employs over 400 permanent and contract staff and has an annual revenue of €88.2M in its Fiscal Year ending March 31st, 2020.

Company Name


East Point Business Park,

Dublin 3.



Green Service Provider

ClearStream Solutions

“Ergo’s commitment to our Sustainability journey began in 2011 and will continue well beyond 2030, and on to 2050. ‘Be responsible’ is our mantra – for our people, our communities and for the planet. We will continue to invest in education, diversity and inclusion, better working conditions and economic prosperity and towards an improved climate for all. Our commitment is top-down and bottom-up across Ergo.”

GreenStart Project Objectives

To meet market demand and to expand into a wider client base, Ergo needed to improve it’s Sustainability posture. Ergo will baseline its environmental impacts and make improvements in the areas of : Energy and Carbon Footprint/ Waste Management/ Green Procurement/ Transport

Key Challenges

A number of things needed to change in Ergo in order for our Sustainability journey to progress. Several had already begun:-

1)  Raise awareness of the challenges we face as a company, a group of individuals, a supplier and as a consumer of goods and services

2)  Define where we want to get to in terms of Sustainability including Environment, Social and Governance rigour

3)  Baseline the key metrics against which we will measure our progress

4)  Assess which certification(s) are relevant to our business and then put in place programme(s) to deliver these [e.g. ISO 14001]

5)  At a high level Ergo needs to identify our environmental impacts and any improvements needed under the main topic headings below. Each year we should aim to increase our ambitions based on a continuous improvement cycle across Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

  1. Energy and Carbon Footprint
  2. Waste Management
  3. Green Procurement
  4. Transport

6)   Be able to respond to customer tenders which increasingly included Sustainability scoring up to 10% of total marks. These also included requirements for ISO14001.


Ergo embarked on an 8-point plan in April 2020 and this had reached a point where external expert guidance was required to take it to the next level. The plan was intended to run as a project from April 2020 until December 2021 at which time it would be managed under normal operations within Ergo. The plan is supported at CEO and COO level and programme managed at Account Director level in Ergo. Fortnightly project meetings were held to track progress and report internally.

Ergo’s Sustainability programme  accelerated very rapidly in the last 12 months with the EI funding support demonstrating great progress across a number of areas.


Specifically we have;

– Obtained Board and SLT approval for the Sustainability programme

– Brought together a cross-company team from all business streams to focus on sustainability

– Defined our Corporate Sustainability policy and signed this off at CEO and SLT level

– Aligned to 7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030

– Set down our Sustainability metrics and targets for carbon neutrality and ultimately Net Zero in line with the 2030 UN goals

– Obtained ISO 14001 certification for our Environmental Management

– Been awarded the HP Amplify 5* award (the first HPE partner in Ireland)

– Obtained Enterprise Ireland Greenstart funding

– Re-baselined our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions (from our original 2011 baseline)

– Ergo’s baseline in 2011 was 319.2 tCO2e

– Our baseline for Scope 1 and 2 in 2021 is 38t CO2e

– NB: Neither baseline contains our Scope 3 emissions

– Baseline our Cloud Carbon Footprint using Microsoft’s Carbon Calculator against our Azure usage

– Documented our Phase II strategy which includes addressing our Scope 3 carbon footprint

– Increased our positive social impact through our support of Make a Wish Ireland and Colaiste Eoin, as well as carried out several employee engagement exercises for social good, e.g. our Beach cleans during 2021.

– Been shortlisted for the Diversity in Tech awards 2021, with social media post here.

– Achieved the “Investors in Diversity” Bronze award from the Irish Centre for Di>ersity