What we do

Respa beds manufacture mattresses, headboards and divans at our facility at Oldcastle, Co. Meath.

Who we are

Respa beds has been at the forefront of Irish Bed Manufacturing for over 70 years. Part of the prestigious Kellett Group, spanning across three family generations, all starting in our factory at Oldcastle, Co Meath. We are 100% Irish and manufacture all our products on site. Supplying to retail stores and hospitality industry across Ireland and UK.

Company Name
Respa Beds



Co. Meath.



Green Service Provider

Speco Services

“The Green Start project has given us an appetite to progress with ISO14001 to integrate sustainability into all of our activities from design to sourcing and manufacture and distribution of our products.”

GreenStart Project Objectives

Review of current environmental practices and establish a monitoring process for energy, water, waste, etc.
Establish a Baseline for all the above, set Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and establish a monthly reporting trend.
Identify improvement opportunities in relation to eco design, waste management and prevention, energy reduction and end of life disassembly.
Carry out Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon foot printing and identify reduction opportunities.
Eco design training for internal champion.

Key Challenges

Changing culture within our organisation will take time and we require to put in a continuous effort to improve our waste segregation and energy management on site.


Site visits and a comprehensive review of processes to identify opportunities for improvement in relation to waste and energy.
Begin a monitoring process for all energy types and waste and established a baseline.
Established an action list for Opportunities, prioritised actions and set a timeframe for completion.
Reviewed solar feasibility for the site and enquired a number of quotations from service providers.
Enquired outlets for wood waste, metal waste and cardboard waste from other businesses to improve circularity within organisations. Established an action list and agreed on next steps.