Lean Masterclass

An 8-part lecture series giving a sound introduction to the practical concepts of applied lean.

Lean Masterclass

The EU-Japan Centre Lean Masterclass consisted of lectures, by Professor Richard Keegan, focussing on “Getting things done”.
The series was recorded in front of an audience consisting largely of former participants in the Centre’s WCM and Lean in Europe activities.
As well as being the Advisor to the EU-Japan Centre’s WCM and Lean in Europe activities, Richard is an adjunct assistant Professor at the Trinity College Dublin Business School where the series was filmed on 23 & 24 May 2016.

Part 1: Principles, Rules, Tools of Lean

Learn about the basics of Lean- What are the Principles, Rules and Tools of Lean that are proven to work in Ireland.

Part 2: The Five Rings Concept

The Five Rings Concept presents on how people can and need to work together, building capability across Values, People, Structure, Principles and Tools.

Part 3: Principles of Benchmarking – Real Facts & Real Data

Benchmarking Described and explained. How capturing Real Facts and Real Data is at the core of any improvement journey.

Part 4: Five Key Questions for
Driving Lean Implementation

The Five Key Questions helps you start your Lean Journey-and helps keep it going too! Simple to use but very effective.

Part 5: Lean in a Service Environment

Lean is powerful in a Service Environment- Learn how to “see” service processes and use Lean tools to improve them.

Part 6: Lean Innovation

Using Lean thinking to create value-to reduce time to market and to improve profitability. Applying Lean thinking to the creativity process.

Part 7: Teams and Team Building – People Make the Difference

Lean is about engaging the hearts and minds of the people in an organisation. This session shares how to do this and why to do this.

Part 8: Practical Simple Tools

Learn about the Five Core Lean Tools-proven to work and at the base of all lean approaches.