Access key research and researchers in Ireland. Here you can access current research being carried out in Irish institutions. You also have the opportunity to input into what new research could be taken on.

Key Activities in Research:

  • Enable the understanding and adoption of next generation of Lean across all sectors,
  • Carry out research on the ground in Ireland, identifying both theory and practice
  • Publish research papers internationally, brining what is happening in Ireland into the global arena,
  • Establish a peer to peer “Open Source” knowledge development zone, where non-proprietary information and knowledge can be shared for the betterment of Ireland,
  • Co-Ordinate the Lean Business Ireland research agenda through collaboration with key stakeholders, ensuring the relevance of research for industrial and business applications,
  • Research across Manufacturing, Aerospace, Food, Pharma and Biologics, Healthcare,
  • Leverage the existing mechanisms to support research such as the Innovation partnerships.