LEAN Project Database FAQs


Q: Is this just for EI/IDA/LEO/Údarás projects or can I include other work I have done?

A: This is primarily for state supported projects – Lean for micro, LeanStart, LeanPlus and LeanTransform/Operational Excellence projects. However some self funded projects will be allowed in certain cases – for Lean in public sector organisations for instance.

Q: What if I have not done any of those? how can I get my company name onto this list?

A: Once you have sold your services and done one of the projects listed above, you can add an entry to this database list.

Q: What about work I have done in other countries/jurisdictions?

A: Not applicable to this list.

Q: I have done lots of qualifying projects over the years – how many can I add?

A: We will limit the time-span to only projects started within the previous 5 years. Each year we will remove anything older than 5 years in order to keep the data fresh.

Q: how will be make sure these are ‘quality’ projects?

A: We will fact check the projects against the information we have. We are looking for honesty, but are also aware that it is in the Service Providers interest to only put in projects that had a good outcome. This is not about creating a list of every Lean project done in Ireland, but showcasing the best projects and the providers who helped to make them a success.

Q: Who does the publishing?

A: the Enterprise Ireland team (with help and input from other agencies) will retain editorial control of this data. We will fix typos and shorten entries that are too long, and make changes if required to preserve the anonymity of the client company, etc. We will also reserve the right not to publish any project entries we do not feel are appropriate to the LEAN Project Database.

Q: will the client company name be published? Will I need permission from them?

A: We will ask you to fill in the company name for our fact-checking, but we will NOT publish it. Please don’t identify the client company in any of the other fields.  The identity of the client companies is not important for this database to be useful to other clients. You can still divulge whatever you have permission to share when you talk directly to a potential client of course.

Q: What if I want to change or remove something I have submitted?

A: get in touch with Lean@enterprise-ireland.com and we can update the master list.

Q: Who owns the data?

A: Enterprise Ireland will own the data. However, we will remove any data on the request of either a client company who feels that the entry identifies them and does not want the data published, or at the request of the service provider who submitted the entry. We will also modify or remove any entries where they are found to be factually incorrect.

Q: Do I have to pay?

A: No.

Q: What if there were multiple providers involved with a project?

A: you can list more than one provider in the field. Note however that we are looking for the company or companies that led the ‘Lean’ transformation/training. This database is not about listing who was the technology provider to a project or for pointing to providers of generic Business/Management/HR training.

Q: What do you mean by a ‘Lean’ Service Provider?

A: We define a Lean Service Provider is a company or person who can lead a company on a transformational journey by using Lean principles such as flow efficiency, staff engagement and cultural change, continuous improvement, waste identification as well as using appropriate Lean tools such as Kanban, 6S, VSM, etc. We use service provider as a generic term that could include trainers or consultants.

Q: My company provides training as part of Lean projects that could not be described as ‘Lean’ in the definition above – should I submit an entry ?

A: No – this database is about highlighting the Lean transformations in companies. There is plenty of other training which is extremely valuable done as part of larger projects, but not relevant to this particular list.

Q: Is this optional?

A: Yes, we are encouraging you to take part by submitting relevant projects, but it is optional.

Q: Does a client company have to choose a service provider from this database?

A: No, they can choose anyone for a LeanStart, LeanPlus or LeanTransform project. Note however that the agency role is to review, assess and approve a project, so we will still reserve the right to disallow certain costs, which could include any consulting or training that we are not satisfied is within the terms of the grant offer.