Building the capability of you and your team is a key part of the process to build capability within firms. The spread and range of course available gives an opportunity to create a bespoke education and training programme for your company, based on its current positon and needs. Courses are provided across the country, giving you the opportunity of finding a suitable support close to your business.

Key Activities

  • To provide high level of education
  • Conduct Industry “Voice of the Client” needs assessment on Lean,
  • Engage Global thought leaders and practitioners in Ireland and overseas to inform and review the work programmer,
  • Facilitate the development of an Employee Life Cycle Pathways Framework, an agreed model for Belt Accreditation, fit for purpose accredited programmes and fit for purpose un-accredited courses,
  • Facilitate a Closed Loop System wherein teaching and practice informs research and research informs teaching and practice to drive competitiveness improvement,
  • Service providers

Develop and publish the Directory of accredited and non-accredited Lean training courses.