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Scrum Master Training

Start: March 27, 2018 End: March 28, 2018
Ammeon Learning Centre 25-26 D'Olier Street
Dublin, Ireland

This course provides a deep-dive into the core agile and Scrum topics, and includes classroom type training, interactive exercises and simulations, sample exam questions and in-depth discussions with experienced Scrum practitioners/trainers. Covering all material required for the PSMâ„¢ Level 1 certification from scrum.org, and much more besides, this course will give you the knowledge needed to pass the online exam and begin applying Scrum in your work environment.

This training course has an additional onsite coaching session with an experienced consultant to assist with implementing your new acquired skills into your workplace.

Target Audience:

– Prospective Scrum Masters
– Scrum Masters looking to pass PSM1
– Project Managers and Team Leads looking to support Scrum Teams