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Mid-West Lean Network Conference 2022

November 9, 2022
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Limerick University Ireland
Mid-West Lean Network

Annual Conference 2022

Future-Proofing a Business through Lean

November 9th
About the event

"There are two types of thinking – creative thinking and divergent thinking."

Creative thinking is defined as ‘looking at things differently and
finding new ways of solving problems’. Divergent thinking is defined as ‘a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions’.

Lean provides the opportunity to utilise both types of thinking to assess how a business can evolve to meet the challenges it faces and to reframe how it operates. Embedding lean thinking in your business will increase efficiencies and secure the future of your organisation.

This Conference has been structured to demonstrate the steps companies are taking to future proof their businesses.


September 9th


8am – 4pm


University of Limerick

LEAN: A Rewarding Challenge

LEAN = Improved Quality + Improved Visual Management + Increased Efficiency + An Easier to Manage Company

The Mid-West Lean Network has developed considerably since its formation in November 2016. There are now in excess of 100 member companies in the Network, deriving benefits from the 39 Lean-focused workshops and 3 conferences held to date. This Conference is the culmination of the 2022 calendar of events.

Please book online to secure your place.
Full agenda and additional details are available on the registration page.

A3 Project Storyboards’ Street Event

A key element of this annual conference is the inclusion of a Lean-related award. This year’s award, which is sponsored by LBS Partners, will go to the best A3 project ‘storyboard’ entered as part of the ‘Street Event’ element of the conference programme.

Conference attendees will select the winner via an online voting system in the auditorium

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