This one day interactive coaching master class will provide a safe space for coaches of all levels of experience to deepen their coaching competence, renew their self confidence and connect with coaching peers to share experiences and learn from each other. Participants will be provided with the opportunity to fine tune their coaching style, engage in self care, and acknowledge their coaching strengths while identifying areas for further development. The theme for this coaching masterclass is:


Exploring the Impact of Stress on Designing High Quality Actions in Coaching.
This masterclass aims to illuminate the significant relationship between stress or busyness and clients’ ability to engage fully in their personal decision making process around goal setting, designing actions and methods of accountability. Emer will explore the interfering impact stress can have on the quality of a client’s doing
during and after a coaching conversation. She will explain the role of a coach in utilising stress to co create the conditions necessary to support a client becoming more aware of how total they are in what they chose to do.
Emer will provide a teaching input to illustrate how the combined application of the core competencies; designing actions, planning and goal setting, managing progress and accountability in a way which places emphasis on the definition, purpose, timing and measures of success for every action enables a client to identity, create and sustain empowered actions which are aligned in serving WHO the client wishes to become.

This masterclass will include:

  • Teaching inputs on core coaching competencies
  • Interactive group discussions
  • Live MCC coaching demonstration and coaching triad practice
  • Resource materials & ICF CCEUs

Learning Outcomes: Coaches who attend this masterclass will have an increased ability to:

  • Understand the impact of stress on a client’s ability to engage in high quality decision making.
  • Understand the components involved in designing actions; facilitating both present and future forward
    movement of a client.
  • Identify your own personal experience of attachment to measuring the progress of your clients.
  • Become aware of ways to dissolve internal stress or busyness related to your coaching performance.
  • Increase your competence in co-designing actions, goal setting, managing progress & accountability.

Booking: To secure your place contact Emer directly
Contact: info@emerdoyle.ie or 086 4011438