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Certificate in Greening Enterprise Skills

November 29, 2019
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The proposed programme is designed to address key areas of green enterprise activity enabling graduates to work in companies and organisations in areas and roles that supports environmental and sustainability agendas. The programme focusses on environmentally friendly operational practices and managing performance indicators to achieve national (sector specific) energy efficiency and CO2 emissions targets.

The proposed SPA is a level 6 minor award based on two modules which are designed to address key technical environmental areas such as energy and water management, resources usage and waste reduction.
The Green Campus Model which is based on well established “green campus” principles which can be applied to any business or premises. The second module is a Work based project which utilises and builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in the Green Campus module. The project will be work based and will address a real issue from the students work place, for example an energy usage or waste reduction project.

Students who are unemployed will be expected to carry out the project as work experience
1. Title: The Green Campus Model, 15 Credits, Level 6
Hard science based module addressing the understanding and managing of environmental key performance indicators (KPIs). The module is delivered in the context of the National Development Plan and the NEEAP with the aim of demonstrating how businesses and enterprise can reduce their water usage, CO2 emissions and waste generation. The modules focus on; Energy uses including supply, renewable energy options, monitoring and the BER, Smarter Travel and carbon emissions and accounting; Water use, recycling and conservation; Waste management; Biodiversity and ecology.

2. Title: Work Project, 10 Credits, Level 6
Completion of a project that involves an investigation of a relevant work-based environmental issue and preparation of a technical report which can be used to address or improve the environmental performance of the work place.

The programme is designed to apply to any generic business, but it is considered that it will be particularly useful for the Hotel and hospitality sector.
It is proposed that the programme will be delivered via a blended learning approach, involving a mixture of on-line (approx. 80%) and face to face (approx. 20%) delivery.

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