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166th EAAE Seminar on Sustainability in the Agri-Food Sector

Start: August 30, 2018 End: August 31, 2018
NUI Galway University Road,
Galway, Ireland

The main paper topics of the Seminar are evolving as abstracts/papers are submitted. Main topics:

1. Measuring Farm Sustainability
– Sustainability Measurement
– Infrastructure to measure Sustainability
– Sustainability across the Value Chain
– Low Intensity Farming Technologies

2. Delivering Sustainability – AES design, Markets and Public Policy
– Delivering Sustainability – Design of Agri-Environmental Schemes
– Low Intensity Farming Technologies
– Sustainability, Economic Change and Public Policy

3. Innovation System Approach to Delivering Sustainability
– Delivering Sustainability – an AKIS Approach
– Sustainability and Farm Behaviour
– Sustainability and Food Security