Who the company are

Operating from our custom manufacturing facility in Youghal, Co. Cork, we produce passive products for the construction industry and ship throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland, mainland UK and the EU.

What the company do

Passive Sills is the leading specialist provider of super lightweight, thermally efficient, & cost-effective window sills, oversills, insulated thresholds and decorative mouldings for the construction industry.

Company Name
Passive Sills


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Co. Cork.






Working with an external consultant enabled us to gain awareness and understanding of the environmental impact of manufacturing our products. The Life Cycle Assessment of our products showed clearly that they have almost one half of the environmental impact of concrete alternatives, which is great news for those who are looking for more environmentally friendly options in their construction projects.

GreenStart Project Objectives

• To carry out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of our products in order for the business to understand clearly all the processes and materials that have an impact on the environment.

• Produce a Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) report and a public EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for our products.

• Obtain an Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF) for our manufacturing facility in Youghal in order to understand its environmental footprint.

• Receive access and training for an online reporting tool, Ecochain, in order to generate detailed reports for our clients.

Key Challenges

• Identifying and collecting relevant production data on materials and energies, that are used to build up the product and production environmental footprints.

• Understanding the footprint of the Passive Sills’ products and how it compares to competing products from other materials (such as concrete).

Key Changes

This project was a benchmarking project, as opposed to an improvement project. However, the team did gain a greater understanding and awareness of the environmental impact of the ‘cradle to grave’ life-cycle of our passive products. We also now have evidence that we can provide to our customers so that they can make informed decisions about their building projects in relation to the environment.


• Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) – an externally validated and public document showing clearly that the environmental footprint of our Passive Sills products is almost one half that of concrete alternatives.

• Access to the Ecochain software to produce detailed reports.

• A greater understanding of the environmental impact of manufacturing our products.