Who the Company are

KORE, based in Cavan, manufacture expanded polystyrene products for the insulation, packaging, concrete, furnishing and civil engineering industries. Our principle products include the KORE Insulation range for floors, attics, walls and foundation.

Company Name


Airpacks Ltd, The Green, Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan


CG Business Consulting

Green Plus Project Objectives
  1. Achieve ISO 14001 2015 environmental management system.
  2. Make waste management improvements through segregation.
  3. Reduce EPS waste by 50%.
  4. Improve environmental awareness.
  5. Start environmental product declaration process.
  6. Identify, monitor major sources of water consumption and make savings.
  7. Identity and implement fuel cost savings.
  8. Identity energy saving measures and target 5% electricity savings.
  9. Reduce our appearance on the physical environment.
Key Challenges
  1. Establishing our baseline data with respect to electricity, water and fuel.
  2. Renewable energy feed in tariffs.
  3. Time resources.
Key Changes
  1. ISO 14001 2015 management system now in place.
  2. Yearly external environmental audit and bi-annual internal audits completed.
  3. Staff engagement through behavioural change.
  4. On-going staff training and toolbox talks to ensure continuous improvements.
  5. All waste fully segregated.
  6. Waste management changes to reduce EPS waste.
  7. Water, fuel and electricity monitoring by metering to establish company baseline data.
  8. Organisational environmental and energy targets established and monitored bi-annually.
  9. Renegotiated electricity rates with supplier.
  10. Packaging reviewed and changes made.
  11. Machine operational review to establish potential energy savings.
  12. Monitoring air and noise pollution.
  1. EPS waste reduced by 50%.
  2. Waste collection charges reduced by 60%.
  3. 5% electricity saving saved to date.
  4. 3million litres of water saved.
  5. 150 trees planted around the facility.
  6. Sales growth 23%.
  7. Export growth 22%.

“The financial savings we have achieved through examining what we do from an energy and environmental point of view and making a few key changes has been exceptional. Our team now think differently about our activities. For us the changes are only the start.”