What the company do

BidX1 is Europe’s leading digital property investment platform, allowing investors across the globe to buy and sell residential and commercial properties across five markets – and to complete the entire transaction online using proprietary technology.

Headquartered in Dublin, BidX1 also has operations in the UK, Spain, Cyprus and South Africa. The company has sold over 10,000 properties to date, raising more than €2bn.

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Clearstream Solutions


The BidX1 platform facilitates end-to-end digital property transactions, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional methods of transacting real estate. Our aim is to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business, from day-to-day operations to strategic decision-making.

The GreenStart process has helped us to take important steps towards that goal – ensuring that environmental principles are embedded in our business model as we expand existing operations and enter new markets.

  • Tadhg Dolly, Chief Operations Officer, BidX1
GreenStart Project Objectives
  • Plan and scope a GHG Emissions and Carbon Strategy
  • Build a data collection framework and provide templates for collection and reporting
  • Calculation and validation report on GHG emissions
  • Guidance on the offsetting approach to achieve Carbon Neutrality
  • Workshop on development of a BidX1 Corporate Sustainability Roadmap
Key Challenges
  • Gathering data for report due to change in business in recent years (e.g. UK has changed office 5 times in last 2 years, difficulty in collecting accurate data from old sites).
  • Rapid growth of the business and expansion to countries outside of Ireland create a challenge in establishing an emissions trend.
  • Future emission reductions challenging as emissions primarily lie in Scope 3, which lie outside of BidX1’s direct control.
  • Emissions calculated and emission hotspots identified
  • Carbon Strategy established and guidance on further development