A searching facility is available below which can be used to find training, education courses and resources to help develop your team’s capabilities. The directory of education providers spans from simple introductory course providers (run by independent trainers) through to independently certified yellow, green and black belt courses provided by Institutes of Technology and Universities.

Building the capability of you and your team is a key part of the process to build capability within firms. The spread and range of course available gives an opportunity to create a bespoke education and training programme for your company, based on its current position and needs. Courses are provided across the country, giving you the opportunity of finding a suitable support close to your business.

Key Activities

  • Conduct Industry “Voice of the Client” needs assessment on Lean,
  • Engage Global thought leaders and practitioners in Ireland and overseas to inform and review the work programmer,
  • Facilitate the development of an Employee LifeCycle Pathways Framework, an agreed model for Belt Accreditation, fit for purpose accredited programmes and fit for purpose un-accredited courses,
  • Facilitate a Closed Loop System wherein teaching and practice informs research and research informs teaching and practice to drive competitiveness improvement,
  • Consultants

Develop and publish the Directory of accredited and non-accredited Lean training courses.

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