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Onwards and upwards: business opportunities and challenges for co-products from the meat processing chain

April 26, 2018
Teagasc Ashtown

With the importance of sustainable approaches continuing to increase, the meat industry needs to continue their focus on optimisation along the production chain. One route to such optimisation involves maximising value within current commercial applications as well as the exploration of novel value-oriented applications. Capitalising on value driven applications for meat processing derived products (including by-products and co-products) provides an avenue to more sustainable processing from both environmental and economic perspectives.

This event will have speakers from various backgrounds: research, industry or government agency. It will provide updates from an industry perspective in addition to a review of the research highlighting potential opportunities in order to move forward. In particular it will include updates from the BioOpps project which will present potential opportunities and challenges for certain meat co-products, and ways to optimise their value with several applications.

Session 1 will include industry speakers who will present the current state of the market of animal co-products, and how they are facing challenges and opportunities in their field.

Session 2 will have researchers speaking about new ways of utilising meat co-products, thus recovering their value and optimising the entire processing chain.

Session 3 will mainly focus on where do we go from here, including a look at consumer perspectives and government agencies discussing the available supports.