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Growing Lean: One Small Step or One Giant Leap, Getting Started with Lean

Growing Lean: One Small Step or One Giant Leap, Getting Started with Lean

Lean focuses on the elimination of waste in day-to-day tasks, improving efficiency, saving time and money. The biggest challenge which many business-owners face, is how to get started with Lean.

This afternoon session will introduce you to the basics of Lean thinking, how it is applied and the many supports available.

Lean can be about more than cash savings though. It is about building a stable, secure, and sustainable business that is agile enough to face economic challenges. It liberates you, as the business owner, from non-value adding activities by questioning and re-designing processes. It allows you to focus on business growth and value-adding activities. It can also enhance your quality-of-life by relieving you of non-productive work.

The big question everyone is “How do I Get started”?  The decision to get started is the hard part and this seminar will introduce lean tools and thinking, key steps and challenges to getting started.  It will also feature real-life examples from Irish businesses are that living Lean including:

  • Trevor Lynam, Lynam Painting
  • Kathleen Scully, Vacuum & Pressure Service
  • Barry Flanagan, Kildare Brewing Company

Business owners will be joined by Robert Hernan of Enterprise Ireland Stuart Nelson of Jigsaw Better Business for a panel discussion.

The webinar will include practical exercises and steps that you can apply in your business straight away. It will show you the way to get started, who to connect with and what supports are available. If you are a micro enterprise looking to take your first steps in Lean, this workshop is for you.

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