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Culture & the Shingo Journey with Teva Pharmaceuticals

June 16, 2022
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Dublin Lean Network

Culture & the Shingo Journey

In this webinar, Richard Burke, from Teva Group, will share their amazing journey when trying to achieve excellence, by describing a culture focused on effective leadership, sound open communication, process improvement, and developing their employees to be the best they can be.

June 16th @ 10am

Lean is a philosophy, built around strong principles, effective leadership, and respecting every individual within the organisation. Developing this culture requires challenging people and partners to grow, thereby adding value to the business, and driving organisational learning.

In early 2009, Tosara Pharma Ltd looked for the ideal roadmap to improve business performance, and decided to embrace the guiding principles that are described within the Shingo Model ®.

The first dimension requires creating an ideal culture, whereby employees feel energised, engaged and motivated to succeed. Leading with Humility, Respecting every Individual allows employees gain a deeper satisfaction for the work they do. Equally they are acknowledged, and feel the desire to reciprocate their productivity in return. It’s a win-win for both the organisation, and employees alike.

About the speaker

Richard Burke

Production Specialist, OPEX Site Lead – Teva Group

Richard is the Production Specialist, OPEX Site Lead at Forest Tosara Ltd, part of the Teva group.  He has over 27 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and brings a wealth of knowledge to the Dublin Lean Network.

About Teva Pharmaceuticals

Teva Pharmaceuticals is a global pharmaceutical company that serves 200 million people on a daily basis. It employs approximately 800 people in Ireland and operates three locations in the Republic of Ireland (Baldoyle, Swords, and Waterford) as well as one in Northern Ireland (Larne).

Teva is proud to provide high-quality medicines that improve the health of people all over the world, including both prescription and over-the-counter treatments. They are constantly expanding our product and service offerings in order to better meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals in Ireland.

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