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17th International RAMIRAN conference

Start: September 4, 2017 End: September 6, 2017
Clayton Whites Hotel Co. Wexford Ireland

RAMIRAN “Recycling of Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture Network” is a research and expertise network dealing with environmental issues relating to the use of livestock manure and other organic residues in agriculture. This conference is the primary output of the network which is held every two years and attracts up to 250 delegates from across Europe and further afield. RAMIRAN 2017 will be organised by Teagasc, the Irish Agricultural and Food Development Authority and will be held at Clayton Whites Hotel, Wexford, in the south east of Ireland.
The conference will focus on new cutting edge strategies to improve the efficiency of manure and residue management which will be explored across the full spectrum of research, from theory to implementation and adoption by stakeholders. The overall theme of RAMIRAN 2017 is ‘Sustainable utilization of manures and residue resources in agriculture’, which will be examined under the following sub-themes:

  • Advances in technologies
  • Crop nutrition
  • Gaseous emissions
  • Soil & water quality
  • Adoption and impact

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