Water Conservation for Business

Conserving water in your business will not only help protect your local supply, it will also protect the environment, boost your reputation and reduce your water bills.

Learn more about conserving water on the Water Conservation for Business section on the Irish Water website.

In this section, you will find useful advice to help reduce the amount of water you use in your business and in your home under the following headings.

  • Water Stewardship Training Programme
  • Complete a water audit
  • Stop the Leaks
  • Reduce your use
  • Go waterless
  • Simple changes
  • Low maintenance plants
  • Reuse your water
  • Change how you think


New business charges  

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) has published a final decision on future water tariffs for business customers. The new non-domestic tariffs will be implemented (and applied to customer’s bills) on 01 May 2020. Until that date, Irish Water’s will continue to apply the existing non-domestic tariffs which were in place on 31 December 2013.

Find out how this may affect your business – https://www.water.ie/for-business/billing-explained/business-tariff-calculator/


Source: Irish Water