Northern Ireland’s resilient business base are taking action to save money, boost profits and make environmental improvements to their operations.

These development and investment decisions are being made against a landscape of uncertainty, not least the questions and potential changes arising from the UK’s pending departure from Europe.

Achieve savings

Implementing efficient resource management practices using Invest Northern Ireland’s Industrial Symbiosis (IS) Service has saved previous participants substantial sums in operating costs.

This free service is open to businesses of all sizes. It encourages the physical exchange of wasted resources, such as materials, water, energy, process by-products and redundant equipment.

Enabling one firm’s waste to be used to the benefit of another business creates a development opportunity and added value for those involved.

The key outcome is increased resource efficiency but the process also generates environmental benefits through reductions in waste by preventing materials going into landfill.

Tried and tested results

International Synergies NI Ltd, a global leader in applied Industrial Symbiosis, deliver the service.

Since 2007, 450 organisations from business, social enterprises and community initiatives have benefited from the service to achieve economic benefit of over £40million*.

This is broken down into the following deliverables reported by the organisations involved:

  • Actual cost savings of over £25 million
  • £16.2 million in additional sales
  • Created and saved 96 jobs
  • Diverted 392k tonnes from landfill
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 340k tonnes

Source: InvestNI

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