One of the key goals of the Mid-West Lean Network is to encourage a greater uptake of Lean in all types of organisations, not just the manufacturing sector. To demonstrate how Lean can be used in back-office type operations, a workshop on transactional lean was held in Virgin Media’s facilities in Limerick where the Continuous Improvement team gave comprehensive presentations on the value that they are delivering to the company.

Led by Glen Winn, Head of Revenue Assurance and Fraud and Stacy Franklin, Business Improvement Manager, Fraud and Revenue Assurance, the Virgin Media team outlined how, through training staff in yellow and green belts, and focusing on specific projects, they have delivered impressive financial savings in the finance area alone and, using the knowledge gained and the processes deployed in Limerick, are now doing multi-million-pound projects for Virgin Media UK.

“It has been a fast learning curve for most of the team, some of whom have only been working with lean for less than two years. The fact that they can now stand up and present on what they have achieved is tantamount to the value they see in lean and their determination to identify lean project that will deliver savings to the company,” stated Glen Winn.

“The hardest part of any lean journey is getting commitment,” he added.

“Once you commit to it, you must direct adequate resources to it, train your staff to give them new competencies, and put new structures in place. Once embedded, lean leads to greater collaboration.”

Thanking the Virgin Media team for their excellent sharing of information, Shannon Chamber CEO Helen Downes said: “The enthusiasm and energy of the Virgin Media team was nothing short of outstanding. Their commitment to lean and willingness to share with the network is the essence of what we are trying to do in the Mid-West Lean Network; demonstrate how becoming lean can make a difference in all aspects of a company’s operations.”

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Source: Shannon Chamber