Under REACH, any company manufacturing or importing (from outside the EU) a substance, on its own or in a mixture, at greater than one tonne per year, may have registration duties. Such companies have to prove that their chemicals can be used safely by documenting their properties, uses and conditions for safe use in a registration dossier and submitting this to ECHA.

ECHA Cloud Services: Companies are reminded that they can use IUCLID cloud to prepare their registration dossiers on line without the need for local software installation. This should remove the need to have expertise in IUCLID, an issue faced previously by many smaller companies.

SME and Consultant collaboration: The ECHA Cloud services also enables SMEs and consultants to collaborate easily with each other. ECHA has recently provided a web page with useful hints and tips for both the SME and the consultant.

Use Maps: Registrants are encouraged to use the available use maps, which were developed by the downstream user sectors, to prepare their chemical safety assessments, so that they reflect relevant and realistic information on uses and conditions of use. The use map concept was developed to improve the quality of the information on use and conditions of use communicated up the supply chain and the efficiency of this communication process.

Exceptional Cases: Potential registrants are also reminded that if they find themselves in exceptional circumstances that will prevent them from registering on time, they should contact ECHA ahead of the deadline.

Impact on Irish Business: The May 31st deadline will have an impact on Irish companies, either directly, if they do not register their chemicals required to be registered by the deadline, or indirectly, if their supplier does not register, thus impacting their supply chain. If a chemical that requires registration is not registered, then it cannot be manufactured or imported into the EU after 1 June 2018.

More Information 

HSA website: http://www.hsa.ie/eng/Chemicals/

ECHA websitehttps://echa.europa.eu/reach-2018

Source: Health and Safety Authority – Chemicals