Teagasc has joined forces with young entrepreneur to develop and deliver a soil temperature app that will help farmers.

An entrant in Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur competition has teamed up with Teagasc to develop a soil temperature app that will help farmers assess how to gauge grass growth and when to spread fertiliser.

“We are launching a soil programme with Teagasc where we will put sensors in every county in Ireland, helping to better understand the soil conditions and let farmers make better decisions around fertiliser usage etc,” said Joe Perrott of tech company Remote Signals.

Sensors can be attached to any object sending data to the cloud

“We’re going to make all of the data that’s collected freely available and the intention is that Teagasc can add some insights on what farmers should be doing with their soil at certain times of the year based on the information that’s received.

“We take one reading below ground and one reading above ground.”

The three co-founders of Remote Signals all come from farming backgrounds and understand the difficulties that some farmers have with regard to broadband and internet connectivity.

The app doesn’t need wifi to operate, but uses a low-powered wide area networks which means it can communicate at up to 10km for a very low cost.

Remote Signals used similar technology to send information to farmers’ phones regarding milk tank temperatures and won the best agri-engineering startup award at the National Ploughing Championship last September.

“Sensors can be attached to any object sending data to the cloud and, using algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence, they can display real-time information to businesses,” the company stated.

The Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur competition provides an investment fund of up to €2m and this year saw over 1,400 applicants, with just 24 making it through to the final round on 4 March.


Source: Irish Farmers Journal