Household Waste Collection Price Monitoring Group (PMG) considers first two months of trend data on waste collection costs for residential homeowners.

The Household Waste Collection Price Monitoring Group was established by Minister for Environment Denis Naughten to monitor the on-going cost of residential waste collection to homeowners across Ireland as the flat-fee structure was being phased out as per the Government’s decision in June 2017.

Composition of the PMG:

  • Chairperson Frank Conway, independent consumer financial expert (QFA)
  • Waste Policy & Resource Efficiency Division DCCAE;
  • Economist from the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment;
  • A statistician from the Central Statistics Office;
  • Shelfwatch – an independent price monitoring group.

To date, the PMG has met on three (3) separate occasions:

13th     September     2017

11th     October          2017

14th     November      2017

Market surveillance

The market surveillance system was put in place to monitor the bin collection prices offered by service providers during the phasing-out of flat-rate charges. Data is being collected monthly from waste collectors across Ireland.

Structure of the surveillance

 The PMG has confirmed there is no single or uniform pricing arrangement available to homeowners across Ireland for the collection of household waste. Because of this and in order to effectively identify and track the full mix of pricing options, a total of 19 individual collection companies are currently being monitored. When taking into account the different individual service providers across multiple locations, a total of 33 service offerings are being actively monitored.

For example, service charge plus per kg weight charge; service charge plus charge per lift; service charge including weight allowance plus per kg excess weight charge, and various other versions.

The monitoring company has recorded two months of service provider price data, which is equivalent to a one-month trend (i.e. month-by-month comparative data).

The PMG notes that very little has changed in the market over the course of one month of trend data.

The company will continue to report back to the Group on a monthly basis.

Source: DCCAE