South West Lean Forum: Maximising Resources to ensure Covid 19 success

By April 9, 2020 No Comments

Former chairperson and founder of the South West Lean Forum, Mark Stockil of Stockil Continuous Improvement has always been a big advocate for Lean. He is a firm believer that lean is a way of doing business and not just a toolkit to be utilised when decided.

In the first of its kind, the current chairperson of the South West Lean Forum Máiréad O’Donnell, conducted an online discussion with Mark to understand why he is so passionate about lean being the answer to some of the challenges we are currently facing in this covid-19 pandemic. In this discussion Mark countered the thought that ‘we haven’t got time for Lean now we are in a crisis’ and how our lean training should help us maximise the limited resources and opportunities. Equally Mark poses a challenge back to business to question the value they offer customers at a time when customers are equally looking at their own limited resources and seeking confirmation of the value suppliers offer to the bottom line.