When an SME targets to enter foreign markets, there are many key issues to be considered regarding intellectual property: How to protect IP, how to enforce IP rights, where to get advice, when to act, where to start, and more…

Check the below tools and publications of the European IPR Helpdesk to prepare yourself before you go:

Intellectual property relevance in internationalisation (Fact Sheet)
European Patent (IPR Chart)
International Patent Application (PCT) (IPR Chart)
EU Trade Mark (IPR Chart)
International Trade Mark (Madrid System) (IPR Chart)
Community Design (IPR Chart)
International Design (Hague System) (IPR Chart)
Innovation Craft Company: Keeping the doors open for IP internationalisation (Case Study)
Atarés Mosaics: International market selection and IP as a differentiation value (Case Study)
Olive oil produced in Jaén goes abroad! (Case Study)
Guide to the International Registration of Marks under the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol (Useful Document)

Source: European IPR Helpdesk

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