SEAI has begun the search for Ireland’s energy leaders who are demonstrating innovative approaches to clean energy with high replication potential. The SEAI Energy Awards recognise and reward excellence in all aspects of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Businesses, public bodies and communities who are working towards a cleaner energy future for Ireland are encouraged to apply.

The nine categories for 2018 cover a wide range of areas and activities that reflect SEAI’s key focus areas. Winning entries will go well beyond the norms of sustainable energy best practice, excelling in some or all of these areas:

– Achieving multiple tangible benefits
– Achieving significant energy demand reduction or clean energy deployment
– Robust implementation approach
– High levels of innovation
– Strong potential for replication

1. Large Business Energy Management – Sponsored by Gas Networks Ireland
Aimed at organisations with an energy spend over €0.5 million that have embraced structured energy management and have taken steps to incorporate it into the day-to-day running of their business. Entrants should demonstrate successful motivation of decision makers and energy users to support effective energy efficiency initiatives.

2. Large Business Energy Project – Sponsored by Enprova
Aimed at organisations with an energy spend over €0.5 million which have gone beyond best practice in new or upgrade technology solutions. Projects in transport and effective use of renewable technologies and multiple technology deployments are encouraged..

3. Small Business
Aimed at small to medium industrial / commercial businesses with an energy spend under €0.5 million that go beyond best practice in new or upgrade technology deployments or energy management solutions. Projects demonstrating low-energy buildings and effective use of renewable technologies are also encouraged.

4. Public Sector
Aimed at public sector organisations that have implemented exemplar energy management approaches, and delivered energy efficiency projects, showing leadership in their own sector, and across the whole public sector. Projects demonstrating sustained reductions in energy demand through structured energy management, and demonstrating best practice in energy project delivery are encouraged.

5. Community
Aimed at partnerships, groups and organisations leading change and championing sustainable energy at community level with a view to delivering energy savings and socio-economic benefits. It will focus on those influencing how the community uses energy individually or collectively. Activities might include energy retrofits, renewable energy upgrades, behavioural change initiatives, development of energy cooperatives and energy master plans.

6. Buildings
Aimed at architects, developers, builders or building owners who can stimulate our sustainable energy transition through inspiring building design. Entries should be true exemplars which demonstrate the marriage of innovative, beautiful design with superior energy efficiency performance. The building must be constructed and occupied, preferably with occupant experiences reflected in the application.

7. Research – €10,000 Bursary Prize
Aimed at individuals, academia, start-ups and inventors who have researched the potential for future energy demand reduction, enhanced renewable energy use or energy management practices. Research may involve the development of new systems, services, products or approaches. Entrants will detail the problem researched, the research outcome and the potential impact.

8. Energy Team/Manager of the Year
Aimed at individuals, teams or organisations, across the public, private and voluntary sectors, who have demonstrated leadership and ambition in implementing energy management and delivering significant benefits for their organisation over a prolonged period. Among the criteria are the degree of influence and replication potential beyond their organisational boundaries.

9. Renewable Energy
This award recognises a significant achievement in the deployment of renewable energy at scale in Ireland. Entrants should have exemplar projects which embrace all forms of innovation across industrial, commercial, residential or community. Among the criteria are replication potential, the degree of influence and, where relevant, the mix of renewable technologies deployed.

More information about the awards and application forms are available on the SEAI website. Deadline for applications is the 8th June 2018.

Source: Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland