Reuse stories from around the EU are now available from a single Youtube channel thanks to the RREUSE Network

RREUSE represents social enterprises active in re-use, repair and recycling. We want the EU and national governments to move from promoting just recycling and waste management to putting secondhand first.

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Examples of Re-use, Repair and recycling from: Ireland | France | Romania | Belgium | Slovenia | Europe | Netherlands | Hungary | Croatia | United Kingdom | Austria | Italy | USA | Spain | Switzerland | Poland | Greece


Inclusive Communities at Work – JG Murphy

What is the Rediscovery Centre? –¬†Rediscovery Centre

ReCreate Ireland & The Warehouse of Wonders  РRecreate Ireland

Rehab Recycle – Rehab Group

Sunflower Recycling – InterregWiselink

Busybees Furniture Recycling Project. – Upcycled Furniture

Promise It on Eco Eye – Rehab Group

Help Educate Children in East Africa! – Camara Education

Free Trade Ireland.mp4 – 60,000 Items and Counting! – Freetrade Ireland


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