The book RETRACE Good Practices Guide : Systemic Approaches for a Circular Economy is now available online for free download.

The publication is the second of a three-volume series gathering the main outcomes from RETRACE project, acronym of “A Systemic Approach for REgions TRAnsitioning towards a Circular Economy”, promoting the implementation of a Systemic Approach as a methodology to develop local policies aimed at supporting the transition towards a Circular Economy.

This book aims to clarify the influence of Good Practices (GPs) of Circular Economy (CE) on the path towards a sustainable development and how policy gaps can be addressed through the implementation of such examples. The main question is: how the proper dissemination of GPs can help policy managers on decision making to define a clear path towards a CE in their regions? The volume gives large space to a selected range of GPs collected along the project that address most common policy gaps on sustainable development and to the methodology implemented to select them; such examples help all the actors involved in policy making processes to encourage more effective ways towards the CE.

The publication Good Practices Guide : Systemic Approaches for a Circular Economy edited by Agnese Pallaro and Amina Pereno, from the Department of Architecture and Design at Politecnico di Torino, Lead partner of RETRACE, is the outcome of a deep research and dialogue with many innovators, policymakers across Europe that are doing efforts transforming their regions contributing with different perspectives, but with the aim to achieve a common ground on a bigger picture of the current scenarios on policymaking. The outcome of this book comes from an inspiring journey across different regions and all contributors who put their experiences to foster all communities involved.

The volume also includes a chapter authored by Eilish O’Loughlin, Policy Officer at Interreg Europe, explaining the role of Policy Learning Platforms in the interregional cooperation process.

Among all authors, RETRACE project partners contributed to the publication through the selection and description of the Good practices: Regione Piemonte (IT), Azaro Foundation (ES), Beaz (ES), Higher School of Advanced Industrial Technology ESTIA (FR), Association for Environment and Safety in Aquitaine APESA (FR), The Slovenian Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy (SI), The Romanian North-East Regional Development Agency (RO).

Source: Interreg Europe – RETRACE