BS 8001:2017 Framework for implementing circular economy principles in organizations – Guide will help organizations of any type, size or sector identify how the circular economy is relevant to them, and help them decouple their economic growth from resource use and environmental impacts. The practical framework:

  • Standardizes the use of terms
  • Helps businesses identify their potential role
  • Provides clarity and direction on key issues

What is this standard about?

In contrast to the ‘take, make, dispose’ model of the linear economy – the circular economy concept looks for materials to be repeatedly recovered and reused for as long as possible. It’s a concept that’s gaining growing international attention, so in response BSI has produced a first circular economy standard providing a practical framework to help organizations adopt circular economy approaches.

Who is this standard for?

This standard can be used by any organization, regardless of sector, size, location or type. It will also be useful irrespective of an organization’s present level of knowledge and understanding of the circular economy.

Why should you use this standard?

The standard provides guidance and recommendations that will help an organization turn the circular economy concept and theory into practical action.

It will help provide environmental benefits through improved resource use in addition to delivering financial and social benefits, through economic, employment and innovation opportunities.

More Information

Executive Briefing: BS 8001 – a Guide

Source: BSI

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