In Q4 of 2017 DCCAE conducted an open consultation with enterprises about energy efficiency. The objectives were:

– to increase awareness of the value and multiple benefits of energy efficiency for businesses;
– ascertain awareness of and interest in energy efficiency opportunities;
– find out what business were already doing about energy efficiency, and
– ask business how they might be further encouraged or supported to improve energy efficiency

The Report on the Findings from the DCCAE Commercial Sector Survey Consultation (published February 2018) presents the findings from this consultation. It shows:-

– Businesses are mostly focusing on technology in the widest sense to improve their energy efficiency, ranging from sensors and metering to equipment upgrades, notably upgrading to LED lighting.
– Most businesses consulted were not aware of the range of supports available to them from SEAI to enable them become more energy efficient – but were very interested in these supports.
– There was a considerable interest in the potential of digital technology to assist in achieving improved energy efficiency.

A number of specific recommendations have been made for SEAI to consider, relating to improving awareness of supports available, potential to avail of synergies, opportunities to further leverage digital potential.

Source: Department of Communication, Climate Action and Environment