TIME TO ACT: Today marks six months to the final REACH registration deadline of 31st May 2018. This deadline applies to chemicals manufactured or imported between 1 and 100 tonnes per year and is expected to have the biggest  impact on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)  So,  for those companies who pre-registered chemicals with the intention of registering  them in 2018, time is now running out. To avoid potential disruption to your supply chain, it is now TIME to ACT.  Chemicals, under the scope of REACH, which are not registered by this date cannot then be manufactured or imported at > 1 tonne per year.

CLEAR COMMUNICATION:  It is recommended that all pre-registrants clearly communicate their intentions to register to customers in their supply chain i.e let their customers know if they intend to register their chemicals or not so that their customers have enough time to find another supplier, if necessary.  Where a company does intend to register, ECHA encourages them to take on the lead registrant role, create a joint submission in REACH IT and let their name be published on the ECHA website. This will then enable downstream users of these chemicals to clearly see what registrations are moving forward and which are not.

SUBSTANCE IDENTITY: If you are just beginning the registration process, the first and most important first step is  ‘knowing your portfolio’ and clearly identifying the chemical that is being registered. In addition to the existing guidance on substance identity, ECHA has recently publshed 10 Q&As on the substance identity profile which should assist you in ensuring you have the right information and join the correct Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF). It is important to remember that there are seven steps in the registration process with the timelines and resources required very much dependeant on the type of  substance, the information available and whether or not the substance has been registered already. ECHA provide simple videos to explain each step of the process which are available within the steps linked above.

ECHA CLOUD SERVICES :ECHA provide all the IT tools necessary for registration via their  ECHA cloud services,, which was specifically designed for SMEs  to simplify the registration process,  and to enable, for example,  good collaboration with SMEs and  their consultants.  (see  article  in Nov issue of ECHA newsletter).

INTERACTIVE INFOGRAPGHIC: To mark the six months to go deadline today, ECHA introduce a new interactive infographic  on the registration statistics.  This provides information on the progress made to date on registrations including data on the chemicals already registered (circa 17000) and where they come from. It is  also possible to search for chemicals according to their properties – e.g. for carcinogenic substances. In addition, it is also possible to search for chemicals used in a certain sector of industry

REACH 2018 STAKEHOLDER DAY: This ECHA stakeholder event, taking place in Helsinki on 29th-31st January 2018, will focus on supporting SMEs for the last registration deadline. For further information, and to register, please go to the following  link

HERE TO HELP: The HSA’s Chemicals Helpdesk is available to companies to provide assistance and information on their obligations under REACH. In particular, we are available to provide support to SMEs who are intending to register in 2018. The Chemicals Helpdesk can be contacted  by emailing chemicals@hsa.ie or calling 1890 289 389.


HSA website: http://www.hsa.ie/eng/Chemicals/

ECHA website: https://echa.europa.eu/reach-2018
Source : HSA