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Energy Efficiency
May 26, 2017

SEAI begins journey ‘Towards Zero’ for energy efficiency in homes

As many as one million homes built in the last century are considered to be significantly energy inefficient. This means higher energy bills and, in some cases, poorer health and...
May 15, 2017

New guides show how to reuse and extend the life of your household items

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has today released two guides to coincide with the launch of the Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun. The guides were developed in support of Ireland’s evolving...
May 15, 2017

New guidelines help citizens gain better and fairer access to their national courts on environmental cases

When public authorities fail to respect the rights and obligations under environmental laws, the public can hold them to account. The European Commission adopted a guidance document on access to...
May 15, 2017

Can you solve the ‘Zero Power Water Monitoring Challenge? A €2 million Horizon Prize for the innovator who can! 

The European Commission has launched the Zero Power Water Monitoring Horizon Prize, inviting European innovators to come up with solutions based on self-powered and wireless smart sensing technologies, designed for...
May 15, 2017

HSA REACH 10 year anniversary conference

The HSA will host a conference in the Spencer Hotel, IFSC, Dublin on June 15th to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the entry into force of the REACH Regulation. Attendees...