The bottle and tin deposit system is an excellent rewarding system put in place for bottles and tins to be returned to recycle and waste deposits.

This system, also called ‘panteordning’ in Norwegian, works so when the consumer purchase selected bottles and tins an additional charge or tax is added to price. This is paid back to the customer when the empty bottle or tin is returned. All bottles and tins must be taken to a self-service device which sorts all the goods. The return devices are placed at most supermarket and food stores. The goods are then collected and taken to a recycle facility.

The bottles and tins that can be returned will be labelled with a specific label and the deposit charge. The return device will produce a voucher to be used at the specific supermarket or which can be taken to the till and paid out in cash. The added charge and refund value depends on how much liquid the bottle or tin contains. All bottles with less than 0,5 dl liquid receives 1 NOK and above 0,5 dl liquid is 3 NOK (the current label say 2,50 NOK but the 0,50 NOK ‘øre’-coin has now been withdrawn from Norwegian commerce so the price will be adjusted to 3 NOK).

The return and deposit system is owned and run by the company Norsk Resirk. They encourage consumers to return all goods, even bottles and tins that are not labelled. Everything will be collected and recycled.


Source: Sustainable Event