No-H2O has announced the launch of its app which allows users get their car washed or valeted anytime, anywhere. The app works in a similar way as other on demand services like UBER and and Deliveroo, whereby the user selects their service and the car wash operator will come to you within minutes.

The NoH2O ON Demand USP is convenience; their unique waterless product enables cars to be washed on the side of the street, in office blocks or at a customer’s house. In addition, the fact that they don’t use water saves a staggering 132 Litres of water per wash, which is the average amount used to wash a medium sized car.

The app which is the first of its kind to offer On Demand services is set to disrupt a very fragmented car wash industry and the company plans to roll its service out globally, with the US rollout plan already underway.

No-H2O Chief Executive Emmet O’Brien says “We firmly believe that we can turn the carwash industry upside down! Consumer behaviour has shifted toward convenience offerings and we have embraced this with the launch of our On Demand Services. No-H2O has been offering innovative waterless carwashing for over 10 years and now we have stepped up that innovation to a new level. Our company is evolving into a tech company which is incredibly exciting and has created the opportunity to expand rapidly into new markets as we can deploy our app and services virtually overnight”