The 15th Lean in Europe visit is going to take place in Hansa Matrix, electronics manufacturer in Riga, in Latvia on Tuesday 14 November 2017.

The visit will focus on:
• 5S audit with risk assessment
• SMED lines
• Lean diagnoses, time taking,layouts and flows
• WH movie, PCB, LVP and lines SMT Sfab and Seho

A preparatory evening will be organised before the visit and will include a session on lean activities led by the EU-Japan Centre’s WCM advisor – Professor Richard Keegan from Trinity College, Dublin and Consultant at Enterprise Ireland.

Participants will:
•Join an interactive session all day long, which will include personal workshops and factory tours.
•See world-class principles in action with shop-floor visits while being coaching with detailed explanations provided by the host company
•Give feedback to Hansamatrix on various ways of improvement

To apply, send an email to


Time Activity
9:10 Hansamatrix – approach towards WCM

  • Management commitment
  • Lean diagnoses, time taking, layouts and flows
  • 5S audit with risk assessment
  • SMED
  • Training & competence matrix;
  • Dual vocational education with Ogre Technical school
  • World class traceability system
  • Product Open Issues tool
  • Statistical process control
10:50 Plant tour

  • WH movie / packaging movie
  • Lines SMT Sfab and Seho
  • PCB
  • LVP
13.00 Choice of workshops:

  • 5S audit in manufacturing group LVP
  • Development of assembly line in PCB
  • SMED at SMT lines
  • Wave soldering line analyse
  • Motivation schemes team versus individual
  • Training and motivating new generation
14:20 You will be divided into 5 groups and will present your findings from the workshop you attended
15:30 Coach to Airport or to Hotel as applicable                                                        

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