An update of the IT tool used for submitting export and import notifications under the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Regulation has been published. It includes, for example, improvements related to annual reporting on the previous year’s trade.

The new version helps industry to more easily fulfil their annual reporting obligation on the actual exports and imports of Prior Informed Consent (PIC) chemicals. ePIC will now, for example, include data from notifications for which the importer details were deleted or amended, and ensure a subsequent auto-generation of the pre-filled report if the generation of the initial report failed. Authorities are better supported in data aggregation, thereby reducing the number of clarifying questions to companies.

In addition, the following features are introduced:

  • Easy access to check the substances added to group entries after the date on which the group became subject to PIC. This gives better visibility to the substances subject to PIC;
  • Ability to declare the language of the safety data sheets provided by exporters/importers, which will speed up the notification process and reduce the number of requests for resubmission; and
  • Validation rules to help submit better quality data and reduce human error.

All the support material has been revised to reflect the changes. If you need further help or have any questions about this update, contact ECHA.

Source: ECHA