Four pilot tools have been developed: help us test them!

When implementing EMAS, organisations can face challenges with identifying their environmental aspects and impacts and with keeping track of the new responsibilities and data their organisation is collecting. To make the implementation of EMAS easier for all types of organisations, including small and medium enterprises, the Helpdesk developed tools to help in the collection and analysis of data.

The four tools aim to specifically help you:

  • determine your organisation’s activities (tool 1)
  • identify the environmental aspects and impacts related to these activities (tool 2)
  • structure responsibilities as to the implementation and management of EMAS (tool 3)
  • calculate your key indicators and monitor your progress (tool 4)

The tools are available as Excel files and can be downloaded here. Because these are pilot versions, we encourage organisations to test them and see how they can help in your implementation of EMAS or support your existing processes. Feedback or suggestions for improvements can be sent to the EMAS Helpdesk.

An instruction manual is also available to guide you when using the tools for the first time, and we recommend reading it before beginning. However, the tools have been designed to be very easy to use. Functionalities are automated and linked together, which means that the information you enter in one tool is used in another and most of the information is automatically retrieved or calculated. You can thus save time in your implementation of EMAS. For instance, Tool 4 automatically calculates most core indicators for use in the environmental statements!

To test the tools, download the pilot version here: Tools

For questions and feedback, please contact the EMAS Helpdesk.

Source: EC Environment EMAS