Introducing the new nationally agreed household recycling list for Ireland

It’s easy, if it’s not on the list it doesn’t belong in the bin. Please make sure that all items are clean, dry and placed loosely in the bin.

Recycled materials such as paper and cardboard, metals and plastic are commodities which can be sold on the global market but the prices and demand for material constantly fluctuate. In order for these materials to reach their maximum value they need to be presented clean and sorted. China and India are major buyers of recyclates from Europe and they use the material as raw materials for manufacturing, meaning that new raw materials do not have to be extracted from the earth. Over the past 12 months both of these countries have demanded higher standards and are no longer purchasing “mixed” materials, this is now considered contaminated. Examples of mixed material would be plastics or paper & cardboard baled together.

In order for Ireland to continue to get materials recycled we need to be able to separate the materials from our household bins with ease and efficiency. For this to be possible it is down to each individual household to make sure they only add to the bin the items on the new list and to make sure all items are clean, dry and loose Recycling plays a major role in the circular economy, if the materials collected cannot be sold the system fails. Some materials that are not suitable for recycling still have a value, the soft or non-rigid plastics for example are sold as feed stock waste to energy plants and cement kilns.

Download Household recycling list pdf

SRWMO YouTube video on household recycling list

Source: Green Business