Do you want to know how many chemical substances have been registered by companies in Ireland? Or what are the most commonly registered chemicals? Check out ECHA’s new statistics on chemicals registered under the REACH Regulation and follow the progress towards the last registration deadline for low volume chemicals, which is on 31 May 2018

VIEW Video Chemicals in Europe must be registered by June 2018 Рwhere are we now?

Looking for your REACH 2018 lead registrant?

You can now easily search for the lead registrant of your substance in the list available in the registrations infographic. Check who your lead registrant is and contact them to register together. You can also see your co-registrants in REACH-IT.Is there no lead registrant yet? Then, consider taking up the role yourself. After you have the consent of your co-registrants, create a joint submission in REACH-IT to make your progress visible on the lead registrants list. Also, let ECHA publish your name on their website, so that your customers know that you are going to make a registration

Source: HSA E-Bulletin