Copyright is an intellectual property right (IPR) that grants authors, artists and other creators protection for their literary, artistic and scientific creations, generally referred to as “works”.

No matter if you are a copyright owner or a copyright user, the understanding of the copyright basics is crucial to any business. In essence, it must be borne in mind that safeguarding your own copyright and securing the permission of third parties before using copyrighted materials is not only legally required but also a good business practice. Adequate copyright protection is an essential part of a company’s business strategy.

The present fact sheet illustrates the importance of copyright protection for businesses and provides insight into the copyright regime, knowledge of which could prove beneficial in particular to SMEs.

All things considered, copyright is an attractive way to protect intellectual assets, which can help preserve and foster the success of a business. Although the majority of EU Member States have similar copyright laws, nuances and differences exist between the national copyright laws and before taking any step regarding copyright
– either as a right holder or as a user – it is recommended to both check the applicable national laws and seek professional advice.

Source: European IPR Helpdesk