Forum for enforcement launches new pilot project on the authorisation of chromium VI compounds and discusses results of the pilot project on CLP focusing on internet sales.

At its 29th meeting, the Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement launched the third pilot project on authorisation. The pilot project, which is planned for 2019, will look into chromium VI compounds and several other substances subject to authorisation.

The project will check whether the substances within the scope of the project are placed on the market and/or used according to a valid authorisation. Downstream user notifications will also be checked. The precise timeline of the project will be set by the end of 2018.

The Forum also examined the results of its pilot project on CLP, which focused on the control of internet sales of chemicals. The project, in which 15 countries participated, checked whether advertisements for mixtures classified as hazardous, or as containing hazardous substances, mentioned the hazards on the label of the product. A total of 1 314 desktop inspections were conducted in 2017. Results show high levels of non-compliance. The final report is foreseen to be published on ECHA’s website in April 2018.

The Forum also decided to prolong the operational phase of the pilot project on substances in articles. Inspections will run until the end of 2018. The report will be made available in mid-2019.

In addition, the Forum began the preparation of its next Multi-Annual Work Programme covering the years 2019-2023

Source: European Chemicals Agency