An example of the accessibility and potential of EMAS for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

The EMAS Helpdesk recently published a case study using the example of the company La Page Original to show how small and medium-sized companies can benefit from EMAS. La Page Original, with only two employees, is one of the smallest EMAS-registered companies.

La Page Original implemented a number of different actions to reduce energy, water and paper consumption and decrease waste production. The reductions achieved are not large when compared with those reached by medium and large companies, but they improved the company’s capacity to control consumption, and thus expenses. According to La Page Original, their most interesting achievement is the creation of a methodology for assessing the environmental aspects of projects the company carries out for clients. Thus, they can offer their customers an additional service.

La Page Original implemented EMAS with support provided by the EMAS Club Catalonia and the Municipality of Barcelona. The company participated in a project offering them training in order to adapt EMAS to their needs. The EMAS Club used this project to develop tools for SME that are available on request (in Catalan only, please contact:

Other SMEs may be interested in following this example and grouping together in order to reduce the costs of a coach and share experiences. We invite you to have a look at the existing EMAS Clubs or to contact your Competent Body to find out more about the possible support in your region.

In addition, tools to help SME and other organisations in their implementation of EMAS will be available on the EMAS website soon. In the meantime, learn more about La Page Original and its experience with EMAS tools here.

The Helpdesk aims to publish further case studies in the future to continue highlight achievements of EMAS organisations. These examples will be featured on the new “Case studies” section of the website.

Source: EC Environment EMAS