New Criteria for green textile products and services

The Commission has just published new voluntary EU GPP criteria for textiles products and services, an area with a high annual spend by public authorities in the area of military, police and fire fighter uniforms as well as for hospital staff. A major change from the existing GPP criteria for textiles (dating back to 2012) is the introduction of textile services, an emerging market with a high potential to reduce environmental impacts.
The draft criteria have the potential to help considerably reduce environmental impacts of textiles and their costs. Some of the most likely impacts are the following:
• Purchase textiles that contain recycled materials or are made from fibres which are produced using less fertilisers, hazardous pesticides and production chemicals
• Purchase fabrics that do not shrink during use, that are constructed to be more durable in use and which have longer lasting functional coatings
• Purchase textiles or textile services which minimise the energy used to wash, dry and iron textiles
• Contract services which maintain textiles in order to extend their lifetime
• Contract services which maximise the potential for re-use and recycling of textiles at the end of their service life.

Source: EU GPP