Irish Water is set to commence a programme of works to replace 4,200 business water meters in the Sligo, Roscommon and Galway areas during the month of December.

Customers who will be receiving the replacement meters have already been notified by letter. The new meters have drive-by technology which allows for faster and more frequent meter readings resulting in fewer estimated bills being issued. In addition, the new meters will also provide data which will assist Irish Water in identifying potential leaks at a business premises.

Pilot programme successful

A pilot programme to replace 100 business water meters in the same locations (25 per local authority area) was successfully completed within one week in November with no significant issues reported.

This programme will be extended to a Regional Meter Replacement Programme in the New Year and further details will be announced as the project is ready to be rolled out.

Irish Water would like to stress that there is no charge to customers for the installation of the new meters which should ultimately provide them with a more accurate bill for their water usage.

Temporary 15 minute shut-off

Water supply to businesses will be temporarily shut-off for approximately 15 minutes while the water meter is being replaced, however Irish Water will endeavour to keep the length of this water outage to a minimum. Businesses will receive a reminder notification at least two days before the work is scheduled to begin and the project team will speak to the customer directly before interrupting supply.

If you have any further queries you can contact us on 1850 778 778 or email


Source: Irish Water

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