As part of the training activities of the European IPR Helpdesk in the field of IP management and maximizing impact in Horizon 2020 projects, the team has released the brochure “Making the most of your H2020 project. Boosting the impact of your project through effective communication, dissemination and exploitation”.

The brochure responds to the increased need for information – witnessed by the European IPR Helpdesk Training Team during workshops – on how IP management in Horizon 2020 relates to communication, dissemination and exploitation. It became clear that there still exists some confusion about these terms, and that despite already existing manuals a concise document was missing that tied the three concepts together on the one hand, but also helped to better define the individual terms on the other.

Against this backdrop, this new publication aims to clarify the terminology by illustrating the differences between communication, dissemination and exploitation, and point out the areas they have in common. It is intended as an introduction, and will provide a helpful overview to beneficiaries when developing outreach and exploitation strategies for their projects. Questions related to IP and IP management are highly significant in this whole context, too, and are addressed at various points throughout the document.

In the development of the brochure, the European IPR Helpdesk team was supported by and closely collaborated with members from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, and here the Common Support Centre in particular.

It complements the already existing portfolio of training formats and supporting material offered by the European IPR Helpdesk on this subject, putting a particular spotlight on the role and interplay of communication, dissemination and exploitation.

The release of the brochure is part of a Thematic Special including a dedicated webinar sessionscheduled for 29 May 2018.

Download Making the Most of Your H2020 Project Boosting the impact of your project through effective communication, dissemination and exploitation [pdf 437kB]

Source: European IPR Helpdesk