The Multilateral Agreement concerning the carriage of UN2672 ammonia solution in rigid and composite IBCs (M256) has been successfully renewed, and has been assigned the number M310 by the UN Secretariat. The provisions of the agreement have not changed.

A signed copy of M310 is available on the UNECE website, and it was countersigned by the Government of the UK on Friday 26th January 2018.

This agreement is valid for four years, until 31st January 2022.

A new packaging (a new metal IBC, packaging code 31A), which will be capable of withstanding vapour pressures of up to 550 kPa, is at an advanced stage of development having already undergone in house testing (Thielmann) and is currently undergoing testing at an approved test facility in the UK (Smithers Pira).

Please be informed that after of expiry of M310 (1st February 2022), industry must be in a position to either use the newly developed metal IBC, packaging code 31A, or to adapt processes and lower the concentration of ammonia used to that which is in compliance with the provisions of ADR (and thus the pressure limits of ADR, pending future amendments to the Model Regulations and subsequently to the ADR.

Please be advised also that under the conditions of the agreement, if curtain sided vehicles (which fall under the ADR definition of ‘open vehicle’) are used for the carriage of ammonia solution at concentrations greater than 25% ammonia, the Irish Competent Authority strongly recommends that ‘spinner vents’ are installed into the roof of the curtain-sided vehicles to increase the airflow during transport and reduce the risk.

Source: Health and Safety Authority – Chemicals